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Career as a Beautician & How to become a Beautician, Hairdresser and Makeup?

If you are someone who takes a keen interest in making people look their best then a career as a beautician may be apt for you. Beauticians are professionals engaged in improving a client’s appearance through hair care, nail, beauty and skin care. Beauticians can often specialize in certain areas such as nail art, makeup application, hair color etc. The responsibilities of a beautician involve recommending different beauty therapies for skin care/hare and a beautician should be experienced when it comes to beauty treatments such as makeup, facial, manicure, pedicure, hair removal, and hairstyling. Beauticians or beauty therapists have a good understanding of the skin biology and anatomy and they make use of that knowledge to offer non-medical care and relaxation treatments according to the client’s needs and preferences. Some beauticians specialize in a particular kind of treatment such as the spa or permanent hair removal. One needs to have an aptitude or interest in this profession otherwise it can get very difficult. It is an art and those who are thinking of a career in this profession need to have a good aesthetic sense. Some of the tasks that beauticians perform are as follows

  • Facial or body massage and treatments such as spa and aromatherapy

  • Advising/suggesting clients regarding skin and body care

  • Removing facial or body hair through waxing

  • Manicures and pedicures

  • Offering advice on skin care and cosmetic products

  • Making appointments and maintaining client’s records

To be a successful beautician, there are certain skills that a beautician should have such as being confident when meeting new people, a passion for beauty, artistic ability and a passion for learning new things/trends. 

Eligibility to become Beautician One can get trained to become a beautician after class 12th. There are a number of beauty training schools which offer courses and the duration of such courses is 9-24 months. Hair care, nail care and a lot of other things are taught as a part of the course. People can also choose to get trained on the job, some spas and salons offer training to the employees and a lot of people can also continue to work and get more experience while others may start their own business after getting good experience and exposure. 

Types of Job Roles Beautician Beauticians can choose to work in the following rules: Make-up artist- Make-up artist is a professional who specializes in just make-up. They work with clients and enhance their physical features for a flawless appearance. A make-up artist can specialize in various techniques such as prosthetics, high fashion, airbrushing, high definition and light blending. Hair Stylist-Hairstylists are involved in a range of services such as hair colouring, cutting, blow drying, styling etc. They also advise clients regarding their haircare needs. Cosmetologist- Cosmetologists are experts in facial treatments and can recommend various treatments for skin issues on the basis of skin type. Nail Care Artists-Nail care artists offer nail services and treatments to clients. This includes manicures and pedicures and also the process of applying artificial nails. Manufacturing Sales Representative-Sales representatives sell manufacturer’s products to retail and wholesale consumers. Salon sales consultant-Salon sales consultants are responsible for selling products to consumers in salons. They need to have strong sales skills and an in-depth knowledge of beauty products.  Employment Opportunities for Beautician Beauticians can choose to work in various settings such as